The Areas are divisions, at the level of technology or business, in which different foci of Circo Studio activity is concentrated.

They define vertical to allow organising the Circo Studio practices.


Cloud computing allows us to offer our customers solutions based on services via the internet, enabling a more efficient management of resources such as processing, memory, and storage.


Working in a software factory is an effective way of reducing costs and time when developing software.

This occurs because the methodology allows us to take advantage of the standardization of components, the specific skills within the work team, distribution of processes in parallel, and the possibility of attaining a level of quality, predictable and scalable.

This software manufacturing process is conducted through the use of components reusable which are based on the customer's specification, and the use of productivity tools that allow us to integrate components, applications, and services.

On the other hand, the Software Factory allows a space for research and development, which gives us the possibility of including the latest methods and tools of work and development in the organization.

In this way we help our customers to adopt new technologies and add value to their businesses.


We believe that a determining factor that boosts productivity is the capacity for collaboration between peers and customers, along with teamwork.

At Circo Studio we make these concepts practices during work every day.

This type of work allows us to:

  • Achieving greater engagement between customers, employees, communities and partners
  • Distribute work, cost and risk between multiple parties
  • Assign people, experience or resources when they are needed, and that costs are more flexible
  • Allow stakeholders to analyse and discuss opportunities or problems before reaching an agreement
  • Reach agreements through a more comprehensive perception that a single individual can have
  • Share ideas among groups and individuals
  • Coordinate activities in order to achieve greater flexibility for the individuals involved, giving greater visibility to progress to the whole
  • Create together new experiences, products and services
  • Detect patterns, trends, opportunities and emerging risks/li>

Through this way of working we help our clients in the following products, technologies or services:

  • Sharepoint
  • Project
  • Architecture design
  • Migrations
  • BI



The success of the project depends on finding the right people for the right task. Circo Studio offers a range of services targeted to find these people and to train the personnel of our customers.

  • Teams On-Site:
  • This service offers a new way of hiring. It is a new step in the relationship with our customers.
    We propose the creation of work teams On Site, led by our best professional and assisted full - time from our software factory.
    This will allow to identify needs, propose and implement solutions, generate technological update and improve existing products and processes.

  • Advantages over traditional staffing services:
  • - Team On-Site, with manager
    - Support from Software Factory
    - Permanent generation of proposals

  • Generation of Talent (Talent Empowerment):
  • The information technology area is characterized by a continuous and rapid change of paradigms, products and technologies. This creates a need to maintain the teams updated regarding new trends and products in order to take advantage of them and increase their productivity.
    Circo Studio offers training services in the use of Microsoft products for technical profiles and for end users

  • Selection and staffing (Staffing):
  • Find the ideal person for the job is the primary objective of this service. For this we use our professionals both technical and human resources, which will work in the first instance to create a profile according to the needs, and then to find the best candidates.

  • Personnel outsourcing (Outsourcing):
  • In addition to the selection and allocation of staff, we offer service of hiring staff and outsourcing of it in the event the business strategy of the customer requires it.


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